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To say that playing the trombone would be my first love as a 4th grader would be a mistake.  But my father insisted that his four daughters learn musical instruments, which in itself was odd coming from a former Brooklyn Dodger and life insurance manager.  So, trombone it was, despite my mother’s misgivings I would get fat lips.  I didn’t. Luckily, that part of my creative biography was short-lived as I couldn’t reach the sixth position on the slide and it was too hard to carry around.  So, what next?  Ah, singing, and that opened my heart and soul to the creative artist in me.  All State Choir, All Eastern Choir, musical comedy, (i.e.:  Brigadoon, Bye Bye Birdie, Carousel) cabaret performances and touring with a jazz group.  The latter led me to my next pathway as I was offered a job with the Jimmy Dorsey Band.  That offer was a deciding moment in my life. Did I want to be a jazz singer or what?  The what turned out to be a resounding “I want to be a classical actress”.  I had just finished my undergraduate schooling from Ithaca College and West Virginia University, knew I could perform in musicals, but felt I needed more training in the art of acting.  So I headed south to Southern Methodist University with fifty dollars to my name, and the timing was right.  Just after I arrived I was given a full scholarship and monthly stipend.  I ate, slept, and drank Sheridan, Shakespeare and Shaw, loved every second of it, and was graduated with the honor of Most Outstanding Graduate Actress and a Master of Fine Arts Degree.

A semester of teaching acting at the University of Miami was followed by 13 years of theatre in repertory companies, off-Broadway, co-founding member of the Scott Repertory Theatre, the Globe Theatre (both in Texas), and the acclaimed Colonnaides Theatre in New York City, where I also co-produced and developed plays with founder/director Michael Lessac.  Then I landed the role of ‘Ellen’ on ALL MY CHILDREN.  That opportunity taught me acting in front of a TV camera, paid my bills handsomely, and allowed me to be more selective with career choices.  While on ALL MY CHILDREN, I hosted Rodale’s Dynamic Living, and guest hosted on the Cleveland and Detroit Morning Shows.

After 11 ½ years, 2 Emmy nominations and an Emmy Award, I knew it was time to try Hollywood - despite the apparent odds of competition and age.  I always had something pulling at me to keep expanding, growing, learning.  My instincts taught me I had to specialize to succeed, and once I succeeded I had to diversify to survive.  Shortly after my arrival in Hollywood, I landed a number of guest starring roles on such shows as QUANTUM LEAP, HUNTER and EMPTY NEST before accepting the leading role of Claudia Whittaker on the popular KNOTS LANDING for its last three seasons.  After that I moved to recurring roles on LA LAW and PARTY OF FIVE. Then I expanded to more comedic roles, and following the role of Maris’ kooky aunt on FRASIER, there were a number of guest-starring roles on such sitcoms as LOVE AND WAR, NED AND STACY, MURPHY BROWN, and ELLEN.

During this period, I was able to fit in movies of the week, WHAT LOVE SEES with Richard Thomas and Annabelle Gish, HEARTS ADRIFT with Don Murray, and the feature films CITIZEN RUTH with Laura Dern, SKELETONS with James Coburn and Ron Silver, and SERPENT’S LAIR with Jeff Fahey.  Not wanting to get too far from the theatre, I co-produced and performed in an original play by Mary Hanes, The Crimson Thread.  I was a member of the Playwrights Kitchen Ensemble at the Coronet Theatre, which helped introduce playwrights to the Hollywood community through play readings, in which I have performed and directed.  In 1996 Aaron Spelling requested that I play ‘Bette’ in his first foray into daytime drama with SUNSET BEACH.  There was no way I could say no to such a mogul of the industry particularly since he would end up playing one of my characters eight husbands, and was wonderful to work with.  I also received my third Emmy nomination for portraying ‘Bette’.

While on that show I reached another crossroad.  But strangely this felt like a parallel direction. I went back to school again and received a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology.  I knew my instincts were good, but I was always in search of understanding what it was in my psyche that enabled me to survive in a very tough business.  I got some answers with this degree, and continued my studies with Dr. Jean Houston, a renowned scholar and best selling author in the field of human potential.  During this time I was also asked to play the role of the irascible ‘Edna Wallace’ on NBC’s PASSIONS, and garnered my fourth Emmy nomination.

Additional film and guest starring television appearances are DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN, ABOUT FIFTY, UNITED STATES OF TARA with Toni Collette, and a recurring role on DEXTER.  Recent stage appearances include Bette Davis Speaks, co-starring with Linda Gray.

In 2001 I started Kathleen Noone’s Emotional Fitness as I wanted to use the combination of my extensive education, life experience and over 40 years in the entertainment industry to be of service to those already in the business and most importantly to those just coming into it. I share tools on how to stay healthy and well-balanced while attaining their goals. Privately, I life coach those in the process of career transition in and out of the business, and prepare performers for auditions.  I also conduct Emotional Fitness seminars for colleges and universities on Creating and Sustaining A Successful Career in Theatre and the Entertainment Industry.  I find that students want to understand how to translate their education into the professional world. I have branched out into the public speaking field, bringing these tools to theatre arts programs and wellness communities.  I find that the topics that I teach have a broader application than just the entertainment industry. I have also written a monthly column for the New York City magazine Natural Awakenings on Emotional Fitness, (you can read these articles by
clicking here.)

I’ve had a long, successful career.  After years of practical experience, and ongoing academic / technical training in the entertainment industry, I found I am prepared to accept new and greater challenges.  I am fully enjoying my continued growth and expansion


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