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"This week a wonderfully gifted, fun, creative, mischievous, bright, intelligent, spontaneous, good soul, good man, great father, loving husband, friend, whom I had the privilege of working with for 11 and ½ years on ALL MY CHILDREN, Mark La Mura, lost his battle with lung cancer. This is heartbreaking for those of us who loved him, and his beautiful wife Liz, whom he adored and his daughter, Gabrielle, whom he was so proud of and his heart sang when he talked about her. His journey here is finished. His life takes on another form. I will always hold him in the heart of love. I was gifted to be able to work with such a good, amazing soul. Rest in Peace Sweet friend." Kathleen
Kathleen Noone  Mark La Mura All My Children


Passions Fan Fest

Kathleen is confirmed to attend the Passions Fan Festival on Sunday, July 23, 2017. Click Here for more info.


Hallmark Channel's Home and Family

Kathleen was a guest on the Hallmark Channel's Home and Family show on Feb. 2, 2017 as they honored Agnes Nixon, the creator of All My Children. Kathleen was joined by her co-stars from the show Susan Lucci, Peter Bergman, Eva LaRue, and more.


Next Door

In Novebember 2016 Kathleen filmed the independent film Next Door, which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2017. The film is about a young woman who accepts an offer from her therapist neighbor to be treated for free and thinks she’s found the perfect situation. But the more she learns about her seemingly altruistic savior, the more she begins to fear for her safety. Released from MarVista Entertainment and directed by Kenny Gage and Devon Downs. Check back for updates.

MTV'S Faking It

Kathleen guest starred in the new MTV com comedy FAKING IT, which premiered on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 10:30pm ET/PT. 'Faking It' is a new romantic comedy about two best friends who love each other -- in slightly different ways. After numerous failed attempts to become popular, the girls are mistakenly outed as lesbians, which launches them to instant celebrity status. Seduced by their newfound fame, Karma and Amy decide to keep up their romantic ruse.

Bette Davis Speaks

Bette Davis Speaks Kathleen Noone

Bette Davis Speaks" is a hilarious, deliciously bitchy evening of the hard earned wisdom and delightfully acerbic wit of one of the most iconic movie stars in the history of motion pictures. For twenty years journalist Boze Hadleigh interviewed the Hollywood legend and the result was a gossipy, wise, funny and ultimately moving, guilty pleasure known as "Bette Davis Speaks." That play has now been adapted for the stage by playwright and screenwriter Dan Gordon. From Miss Davis' famous feud with Joan Crawford ("I did not feud with her. I hated her guts. But we did not feud at all. We got along just like the sisters we played in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.' The truth is the best time I ever had in my career was pushing her down those stairs") ... To her delightfully wicked comments on her contemporaries ("Clark Gable? Supposedly his wife once said that if he had one inch less he would have been the Queen of Hollywood instead of the King. Ronald Reagan? He wasn't a star, he made movies. But then so did Hop Along Cassidy. Bogie? He had good taste, especially in women. Tallulah Bankhead? She had good taste in women too. Clara Bow? I don't want to call her a slut, but I don't know what else to say.")  "Bette Davis Speaks" is one of the most delightful evenings you will spend in the theater this year. "Bettie Davis Speaks" is one guilty pleasure you can't afford to miss.

The play starred Kathleen and Linda Gray, and ran from Jan. 27, 2011 to Feb. 20, 2011 at the Indian Wells Theater, located in Palm Desert, CA.

Bette Davis Speaks Kathleen Noone
Bette Davis Speaks Kathleen Noone
Bette Davis Speaks Kathleen Noone


Dexter Kathleen Noone

Kathleen guest starred in the first two episodes of the fifth season, which began on Sept. 26, 2010 on Showtime. Check your local TV guides for the times and channels in your area.

Watch the 5th season's trailer on the Multimedia page.


About Fifty

"About Fifty" was the opening night film of the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival in 2011, as well as the opening night film of the Daytona Beach Film Festival the same year. The festivals serve as the launch for the film's theatrical release.

"About Fifty" had its world premiere at the Palm Springs International Film Society on Friday, Jan. 7, 2011 at the Camelot Theatres to a sold out crowd. Watch the trailer on the Multimedia page.

Kathleen Noone Fifty-nothing

Synopsis: A “coming-of-age story about the coming of age,” Thomas Johnston’s comedy tackles a very timely subject in these times of aging baby-boomers: what happens when youth, with all its attendant hopes and dreams, is confronted by the reality of that 50th birthday making its increasingly rapid approach. For Adam (Martin Grey) and Jon (co-writer Drew Pillsbury), life in Los Angeles has taken a turn for the melancholy. With their careers solidly stuck in holding patterns, parents that are becoming increasingly in need of care, and the memories of lost love and divided assets looming large, our heroes decide on a course of action: escape. To the desert, that is, for a weekend of battery recharging in lovely Palm Springs, no less. Rather than spoil things by revealing too much, we will just say that—in the tradition of the best road-movie comedies—what starts out as fun and games soon evolves, as both men must come to terms with their pasts and look forward, however horrifying it may appear at first glance, to a post-50 future.

Variety Review ... Feb. 1, 2011

About Fifty

A bracingly candid, frequently funny portrait of
male friendship at middle age.
By Lael Loewenstein

Part road movie, part coming-of-age story, "Fifty-Nothing" is a bracingly candid, frequently funny portrait of male friendship at middle age. Smartly written and directed with a welcome lack of snarkiness, the film finds two Angelenos navigating such midlife indignities as colonoscopies, blind dates and the senior golf circuit. With a targeted and sustained marketing effort, pic could certainly recoup on a theatrical release; at the very least, it's an impressive calling card for helmer Thomas Johnston.

Given recent atrocities like "Old Dogs," the very notion of a thoughtful, intelligent comedy about a friendship between middle-aged men seems like an oxymoron. But "Fifty-Nothing" neither exploits nor condescends to the unpleasant aspects of growing older; it confronts them directly and with due humor.

Scribes Johnston, Drew Pillsbury and Martin Gottlieb use prickly topics like hair loss, dating anxiety and chronic pain as departure points, allowing them to explore a range of male vulnerability and desire. And most of the female characters also have an age-appropriate depth that's increasingly uncommon in comedies these days.

In an effort to distract his miserable, just-divorced buddy Adam (Martin Grey), ladies' man Jon (Pillsbury) arranges a trip to the desert for some golf therapy. Shades of "Swingers" are evident, as the socially awkward Adam reluctantly accompanies his cool, confident buddy on the drive to Palm Springs.

Along the way, the guys bond, bicker, and encounter several women including Peggy (Kathleen Noone), a frighteningly horny sexagenarian; Alix (Michaela McManus), a gorgeous coquette who's much too young for Jon; and Kate (Wendie Malick), who's smart and funny -- and happens to be Alix's mom.

When Alix, hoping to set up Kate and Adam, arranges a dinner party, a memorable, awkwardly funny evening ensues. Cautious and skeptical, Kate and Adam don't immediately click, but beneath their brittle exchange it's clear they yearn to connect. It's a credit to Johnston's measured direction that he allows the evening to unfold so naturally, and to Malick and Grey's performances that their dynamic feels so believable.

Less believable, perhaps, is a far-flung scene in which Jon, high on painkillers after a back injury, finds himself the unwitting recipient of one siren's affections. Johnston plays the scene for laughs, artfully setting up and revealing a comic surprise that also serves as a kind of comeuppance.

There's an awful lot of talking (and a few belabored metaphors) between the men on the golf course that briefly detracts from "Fifty-Nothing's" otherwise fluid pace. Pic could also benefit from a song selection more rooted in the '70s to help underscore the age-specific humor and overcome occasional pacing lapses. Tech aspects are solid throughout, as is thesping, right down to the supporting players, including veteran Noone ("All My Children"), Steve Hytner ("Hung") and Jessalyn Gilsig ("Glee").

By way of audience consideration, it's worth noting that some of the cast members from that Gen X classic "Reality Bites" will be closing in on 50 in just a few years. "Fifty-Nothing" is a refreshing, amiable reminder of an underserved demographic waiting to be acknowledged.


AFTRA Welcomes 'All My Children' to Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 22, 2010) – The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) – the people who entertain and inform America – formally welcomed ABC’s “All My Children” to Los Angeles on Jan. 21 at a private reception following a panel discussion celebrating the show’s 40th anniversary co-hosted with the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills.

Welcoming the more than 150 invited guests at the Paley Center, AFTRA President Roberta Reardon said, “From 1937 – when AFTRA was founded – to today, and for the more than 40 years ‘All My Children’ has been on the air, daytime dramas have employed thousands of AFTRA actors, singers, dancers, stunt performers , background actors and other professional performers. It is the daytime drama – more than any other medium – that that has given birth to the full-time working television actor. To our panelists and other cast members here tonight, I say: AFTRA members salute you.”

Kathleen Noone All My Children
Kathleen Noone All My Children


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