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My new creative passion is sculpting. I'm working at the Harry Berman Studios in North Hollywood. He's been a wonderful teacher. I had my first art show this past December, 2016. Here are some photographs of working in the studio. I had no idea that sculpting was such a physically taxing art form! It's fun, but you get a work out!

Here are some photos of working in the studio and the finished pieces.


Kathleen Noone

"This is the first large piece I've sculpted. It came out as a tenor! I was
trying to do a bass singer - oh well, better luck next time Kat!"

Finished piece Singing Tenor - "Rigoletto"


Jazz Singer
Kathleen Noone

"I'm distressing wood for a base for a sculpture called
CONSCIOUSNESS OF WAR. Sculpture will be finished soon.
I created this as a response to the Gulf Wars. It will be
coupled with a CONSCIOUSNESS OF PEACE sculpture,
which I'm working on now too."

Consiousness of War


Tatered Veil on Red Tray

Life Waves

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